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We will replace any SA product purchased. Period.

But what does that mean exactly? Here are some examples.

If you snag your shirt sleeve on a weight stack and rip it? We'll replace it.

Pinch a hole in your shirt re-racking weight?  Replaced.

If your wrist wraps are old and worn out, and no longer function? We'll replace them.

What if you break one of our heavy duty wrist straps because you have an insane deadlift? We'll replace them and high five you! (those are super heavy duty)

If you've been rocking the same American made shorts for 4 years and finally found a way to rip them? You guessed, it we'll replace them.

All for free, we'll even pay to ship you the new pair. All you have to do is send us your old pair.


**Note** this replacement guarantee is for functionality of the garment or gear, a certain amount of normal wear and tear is to be expected, and encouraged, it means you're using the equipment as intended and doing work. If it BREAKS though, we'll replace it for free. Just ship it back to us and let us know the original name, email, or order number to assign it to.