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SSP (SEAL Strength Program) - FULL 3 MONTH PROGRAM
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SSP (SEAL Strength Program) - FULL 3 MONTH PROGRAM

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The SSP was originally built by a member of the SEAL instructor cadre, tasked with taking lead on developing a training program to address the weaknesses of the trainees in the pipeline. The Navy sent him around the country to learn from the top leaders in their respective fields, gaining knowledge from world class power lifters, strength coaches, professional athlete and Olympic training facilities, natural movement guru’s and many others at the pinnacle of their respective fields.

The SSP was built from a compilation of several different systems, all proven in their own disciplines. We studied, experimented and dissected the training protocols of each, piece by piece, examining and deciphering what worked and why, then recombined them for the specific application the Teams were looking for. 

The SEAL Strength Program is a hybrid blend of the most effective systems available, after 8 years of refinement and testing on over 1,000 SEAL candidates, it has proven to be the most efficient way for the students to put on lean body mass and gain strength endurance, while still retaining their cardio base.

The 3 month program is designed to take you through various loading stages, combined with reload/rest weeks, to help you reach the absolute pinnacle of human performance, at least in the aspects that matter to the SEAL Teams.

Some of the records we’ve seen so far during training:

Bodyweight bench press of 225 lbs for 39 reps

Bodyweight squat of 170 lbs for 166 reps 

Pullups + 25 lb plate for 38 reps at 160 lbs bodyweight

You will also be tested on 1.5-3.0 mile runs, MetCons, and other endurance/cardio based metrics.

The SSP available here at The Strength Alliance is NOT the word for word copy of the original system. This version of the SSP is specifically designed for civilian use, based on a more realistic training starting point and a more progressive ramping matrix.

Goals with Level I SEAL Strength Program:

Bodyweight bench press >20 reps

Bodyweight squat >40 reps

Bodyweight + 25 lbs pullups >15 reps

How to use it:

Workouts are tiered in order of importance. The Tier 1 movements and specs are the most important and should not be deviated from if you want the program to work as designed. 

The Tier 2 and 3 sections support the main movement from Tier 1, but you can vary loads, reps and substitute movements for others to keep entertained and change up the routine. 

Tier 4 is always core/abs and you may substitute any of the Tier 4 movements for any of the other days across the board, depending on what you like and what you feel you get the most benefit from.

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Free shipping on all U.S. orders $50 and over including APO/FPO addresses.