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1-Week SSP (SEAL Strength Program)
$ 20.00

1-Week SSP (SEAL Strength Program)

Available for immediate download.

This week covers the basics and provides you with a sample template of what you can expect from the full 3 month program.

1 week schedule:

Day 1 - Upper body push/pull - max effort

Day 2 - MetCon conditioning - short duration (4-12 minutes)

Day 3 - Active Rest

Day 4 - Lower body/leg day - max effort

Day 5 - Upper body push/pull - secondary plane/rep scheme

Day 6 - MetCon conditioning - long duration (24-40 minutes)

Day 7 - 100% rest day

There is currently only ONE week program, please do not purchase multiple weeks, they will be the SAME. 

If you like the sample week and want the next level of programming, please sign up for the full 3 month Seal Strength Program.  You will continue on in your progression and get the maximum benefit from the program.

FREE shipping within the continental US!

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FREE shipping within the continental US!